Tales of Good Ol' Snoop Doggy Dogg

Phew, I finally finished the Snoop Dogg themed mini-comic I'm debuting at MoCCA festival this weekend. Well, I still have to assemble them, but the artwork and layout is all done. I've hand-stamped each cover with a linoleum print to give it some color.

I'll put them up for sale on the Birdcage Bottom Books website and post some sample pages here after the festival, but for now here's a scan of the front and back covers.

If you are at all interested in indie-comics, you've gotta drag yourself out to MoCCA. I go every year to load up on new comics and meet some of my favorite artists. There's always interesting panels (Seth and Adrian Tomine are doing one this year, although I might skip it since I just saw them last night at The Strand). This is my first year actually selling comics at a a table instead of just moseying around buying stuff (although I'm sure I'll do plenty of that this time as well).

Anyhow, click on the link to find out more. If you do come out, please stop by my table (#701) and say hi.


  1. Looks good, my brother... I'll order one when we get back to the States.

  2. You should rent Katt Williams''the Pimp Chronicles' 1) because the bit about the tiger cracks me up and 2) (more importantly) because of Snoop Dogg's interactions with Katt at the beginning. And the chandelier. And then at the end when Katt talks to kids. That's all.