Interview on Comic Book Brain

Erik Weems interviewed me for the Comic Book Brain blog in reference to the "Losers Weepers" series. It's a really nicely designed blog entry with lots of image links providing extra commentary. If you have any interest in the impetus for the series or what the future may hold, take a gander! Plus you can enjoy my thoroughly creepy author photos (which I desperately need to update).


Let Live Foundation animal rights conference 2010

Portland, OR is where it's at if you're a vegan and/or animal welfare activist. To prove this point, there's an ALL VEGAN mini-mall there (including Herbivore Clothing & Publishing, Sweet Pea Bakery, Food Fight Grocery and Scapegoat Tattoo)! What?!

Anyhow, it's also home to the Let Live Foundation's annual animal rights conference. Besides being chock full of fantastic guest speakers, this year there's an after-conference party/art-auction fundraiser/stuff your face with deliciousness event. I've contributed seven pieces of original art, all with starting bids of just $20. There are other talented (vegan) artists' works as well, like Kurt Halsey Frederiksen, Tom Neely (!!!), Nicole Georges and Aron Nels Steinke.

So, if you're in or near Portland, there's really no excuse not to support such a great event.


Snakepit 2009 review on Storming The Tower

Lauren Davis' review of Snakepit 2009 on Storming The Tower blog kind of made me crack up (or at least guffaw). She compares Snakepit to Garfield. You'd have to know my whole history and Ben's whole history for me to really explain why I think this is funny, but suffice it to say that it just is. Also, she mentions getting caught off guard by an "errant penis".


Losers Weepers #2 review on Poopsheet Foundation

Yet another kind review by Justin Giampaoli on Poopsheet Foundation, this time for Losers Weepers #2. Thanks again, Justin!

Although I have #3 written for the most part (and the general idea for #4), I'm taking a break from it to draw a collection of dreams I've had with celebrity cameos. I'm currently three pages into a dream featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Sometimes even I have to take a little break from all the doom and gloom.


Losers Weepers #1 review on Poopsheet Foundation

Thanks to Justin Giampaoli for a VERY kind review of the first issue of Losers Weepers on the Poopsheet Foundation blog. They have a focus on mini comics, so check out other reviews to find comics that often fly under the radar.


Snakepit 2009 review on Comixtreme

Here's a not-too-bad review of Snakepit 2009 by Andrea Speed on the Comixtreme blog. Actually, saying he "comes from the Jeffrey Brown school" elevates it to a great review in my book!

Snakepit 2009 review & interview on The Daily Cross Hatch

Here's a comprehensive look at the new Snakepit 2009 book in the form of both a review and an interview with America's favorite weed smoker (besides Cheech Marin, Tommy Chong, Willie Nelson, Snoop Dogg or Peter Tosh). Thanks to Brian Heater for making it happen!

Read the review here.

Read the interview here.

P.S. That fantastic nib-headed guy is The Daily Cross Hatch's logo drawn by Kevin Cannon. If you haven't read his "Far Arden" book yet there's something wrong with you.