Very good news & very bad news

Do you want the good news or the bad news first? I'll go with the good first since the bad is more important and requires some action from YOU...

The good news is that we (Birdcage Bottom Books) got a half-table at the Brooklyn Comics & Graphics Festival! It's a one day comics fest curated by Gabriel Fowler of Desert Island ComicsPicturebox (one of my all-time favorite comic shops), Dan Nadel of & Bill Kartalopolous. I've gone the two previous years as a customer, and it's been my favorite of the east coast conventions (never been to any on the west coast). They use the money that they charge for tables to fly in really great guests that don't often make it over to our side of the country (last year Lynda Barry, Renee French & Jordan Crane were there, among others). Then there's a slew of great local artists and really good panels.

Now, the bad news.
Dylan Williams, the man behind Sparkplug Comics has been diagnosed with cancer. Apparently this is his second time dealing with it. His medical bills are going to undoubtedly be substantial since the U.S. can't get it together and fix our crummy health insurance system. I can tell you from first hand experience that small press comic publishers do not make much (any?) money, so let's all do what we can and order comics from him.  Okay?