Review of Losers Weepers #1 on Comics Should Be Good!

Brian Cronin of Comics Should Be Good! gave a fantastic review to the first issue of Losers Weepers. To summarize, he says that the comic works as a story even if you remove the 'gimmick' of it being based on found letters & journals. I went into the project knowing that it could easily turn out poorly if the story linking these various unrelated writings wasn't strong enough to stand on its own, so it's rewarding to hear that I was successful in pulling it off (at least according to a handful of reviewers!). I hope he enjoys issue #2 and the forthcoming issues as well.

Speaking of, I'm nearing completion of another dream comic (this one featuring Dick Cheney). I don't know if I'll be able to finish the other two comics to complete the collection in time for SPX (September 11th & 12th), but I'm trying my damndest. So far, I've completed the dreams featuring Snoop Dogg and Arnold Schwarzenegger. That leaves Roseanne Barr and Henry Rollins. I may not have time to complete both, so please weigh in on which you'd rather see, and I'll start on that first.


Review of Losers Weepers on Comics...And Other Imaginary Tales

Lee Dunchak gave a very positive review of Losers Weepers (issues #1 and #2) on the Comics...And Other Imaginary Tales review blog. He's recently moved to France, so be sure to check out his blog detailing the daily trials and tribulations of defecating in France (among other things).


Reviews on Razorcake

Those dirty dirty punks over at Razorcake Magazine reviewed Losers Weepers as well as Supertalk #2. You can read their short l'il blurbs by clicking on the appropriate links. Or, better yet, buy the print magazine. Thanks Razorcake!


PAWS for Charity 2010 Art Book Project

Little ol' me is featured on the Paws For Charity blog this week. If you haven't ordered your copy of this fantastic book yet, then...we just can't be friends anymore.


Losers Weepers review on Midnight Fiction

This is the kind of review I hope for when I send out review copies. Richard Krauss of Midnight Fiction takes the time to really read and respond to both issues of Losers Weepers. Drawing these comics is excruciatingly slow (at least for me), so I truly do appreciate when a reader seemingly lingers a bit while taking in the story.

While I agree with Richard that the first issue is a bit more fleshed out, character wise, I want to point out that these issues are interconnected and the characters will all become more developed over the next few issues. I want each issue to work independently, but there is an overall story arc that will become more apparent as the story progresses.

Anyhow, Richard enjoyed the first issue enough to award it with a Midnight Fiction Favorite listing. So...thanks!