See you at MoCCA (?/!)

Bromancing the Stone.
Me (J.T. Yost) & Victor Kerlow will be holdin' it down at table A17 at the MoCCA comics festival this weekend, so c'mon by and help keep us in beans and rice. We're right next to the fine folks at Rabid Rabbit, so you can holler at them, too.


Shout-out: Paul Hoppe


Paul Hoppe was born in Poland and raised in Germany, and lives in Brooklyn, NY now.
He is a freelance illustrator for newspapers, magazines and advertising agencies, and a writer and illustrator of children’s books and graphic novels. He also teaches occasionally at the School of Visual Arts. Clients and publications include The New York Times, The New Yorker, The Wall Street Journal, Addidas and IBM . His work has been recognized and awarded by the Society of Illustrators, American Illustration, Communication Arts and others. He has a studio at the Pencil Factory in Greenpoint where he’s surrounded with friendly and super-talented individuals every day.

Characters from "Tales To Behold"

“I love to tell stories with my drawings, whether it’s comics, children's books, storyboards, or editorial work. The reason why I got into the arts were comics I read as a kid. And that’s also a reason why I like children’s books. They are also picture stories.“

"The Woods" childrens book, published by Chronicle

After some years that he focused on design and illustration, the love for comics came back very strongly. He co-founded the anthology RabidRabbit and contributed to Syncopated Comics and other anthologies, while also self-publishing mini-comics and attending festivals such as MoCCA regularly. In Spring 2013, "Peanut“ will be released by Schwartz & Wade / Random House, a graphic novel he’s illustrated, written by Ayun Halliday (another DIGESTATE contributor!). It has been years in the making and he’s excited for it to come out.

Mock-up for "Peanut" cover

“Even though I was very happy and grateful for my commercial work and my books with the big publishers, I realized a couple years ago that all my art was made to have a purpose. I needed to find something that had no purpose at all, and to reconnect with the joy that I had when I first drew my crude comics as a kid. So I started creating my stories around THE BEHOLDER theme, self-publishing them as mini-comics and webcomics.“

Sample page from "Tales To Behold" #2

He’ll have a table at MoCCA together with friend and colleague AnujShrestha (yet another DIGESTATE contributor!!), and will debut his latest mini “Journey Into Misery 4“.

Illustration sample
Editor's note: Paul is a super nice dude, and my daughter loves his book, "The Woods". He's also one of the masterminds behind the Rabid Rabbit anthology.

These are my links:


Shout-out: Sophia Wiedeman


Sophia Wiedeman is a comic artist who lives, draws, toils, and does all sorts of other things in New York City.  Her work has been featured in TimeOut New YorkLMagazine, Top Shelf 2.0, gUrl.com, The Daily Cross Hatch, and RabidRabbit amongst other awesome and amazing anthologies and publications. 

Drawing from "The Lettuce Girl"

She is the author of the Xeric Award winning The Deformitory as well as her current series of fairy-tale imbued minis, The Lettuce Girl.  She spends her days working in publishing and her evenings preoccupied with monsters, braids, nibs, ink, towers, paper, and pondering the way a thick turtleneck folds over.  
Heart Monster!

You can check out her work on her website, sophiadraws.com, her blog,sophiadrawscomics.blogspot.com and her tumblr, sophiadraws.tumblr.com. You can also see her personally at comics festivals all around the place, including this fall at SPX in Bethesda, and The Projects in Portland, OR.  

Sample Illustration
Editor's note: I met Sophia through a friend of mine, Eric Collins, and because we both received a Xeric grant in the same cycle. Her Xeric comic, The Deformitory, is stunningly sad, adorable, funny and poignant all in one package. But, I have to say, her latest ongoing series, The Lettuce Girl, is even better. We are usually table buddies at SPX and King Con, where she also sells panties and onesies featuring that adorable little Heart Monster dude up there. Did I just say 'adorable' twice in one paragraph? I guess I did.

Sample pages from "The Lettuce Girl"


Shout-out: Alex Robinson


Alex Robinson's books include Box Office Poison, Tricked, and Too Cool to Be Forgotten, all of which are available from Top Shelf Productions. He has won and lost several industry awards and co-hosts The Ink Panthers podcast. He currently lives in New York City with his wife, a cat and a dog. Visit him on the web at www.comicbookalex.com

Sample page from "A Kidnapped Santa Claus"
Sample page from "Too Cool To Be Forgotten"

Editor's note: If you don't listen to The Ink Panthers podcast (hosted by Alex Robinson & Mike Dawson), you need to remedy that as soon as possible. I occasionally listen to other podcasts while I'm inking a comic (This American Life, Radiolab, etc.), but I always find myself coming back to this one. It's just two dudes (virtually) hanging out and shooting the shit. They both happen to be cartoonists, but the show is not about comics. It seems to be more about giving each other a hard time and/or telling extremely embarrassing anecdotes. 


Shout-out: Hazel Newlevant


Hazel Newlevant is a Portland-raised, SVA-attending cartoonist and illustrator. Her comics are an undisguised mash-up of her favorite topics, especially interpersonal relationships, music and dance, bleak humor, and cute girls. She's into experimental comics and unusual formats, and makes mini-comics that unfold, turn upside down, have cutout bits, or are otherwise odd. 

Her works include the mini-comics Chili Dog Dad and Ci Vediamo, and the faux-children's book People of Coloring Book, with more to come very soon! They're available from newlevant.com and small press-friendly comic book stores, or directly from her, at comics conventions! Hazel will be selling comics and drawing cheap Instant Portraits the Brooklyn Zine Fest on April 15th and the Stumptown Comics Fest on April 28th & 29th, so come say "hi." 

New drawings and comics are posted several times a week on 
newlevant.tumblr.com, which is a good place to keep up with her moves.
Hazel is also an editor for INK, SVA's free digital comics magazine. The Spring 2012 issue has a tasty variety of short comics by SVA students and alumni, interviews with SVA grads Christopher Hastings (The Adventures of Dr. McNinja) and Drew Friedman (Old Jewish Comedians), and it just came out as a PDF, iPhone and iPad app. It's free! You can download it!


Shout-out: Josh Burggraf

DIGESTATE contributor:

Josh Burggraf has never lived far from the sea.  He has been drawing for money since 2006 and has been making comics for the world since 2009. 
Josh has worked previously with many of the Digestate contributors on anthology books such as SupertalkRabid RabbitSuspect Device,Catch Up and the upcoming book FUTURE SHOCK, to be released at MOCCA.  FUTURE SHOCK is a part sci/fi, part psychedelia book, 44 pages, color, edited and printed by Burggraf.  Its gonna feature comics from Anuj Shrestha, William Cardini,Pat Auliso, a comic written by Anuj, Sungyoon Choi and Josh, AND a comic by Victor Kerlow and Josh.

Look for Josh at this year's MOCCA, He'll be tabling with Sungyoon Choi and will without a doubt be loitering near JT Yost and Victor Kerlow's table.  He expects to have a new T shirt for sale, his comic Kid Space Heater, copies of the Coelacanth album Josh did the cover for, Maybe some prints(?) and of course, FUTURE SHOCK.

If you cant catch him in the real world, look for more on joshburggraf.com, which will soon be updated to streamline all of his myriad of blogs and sites.

 Editor's note: My theory about Josh is that his parents left Michael Jackson's "Black or White" video playing at all times during his developmental years, and only allowed him to wear 3-D glasses while watching/absorbing it. His artwork is never quiet or static, the colors are usually blaring and characters are in a constant state of rubbery flux. I'm also told he has beautiful eyes. 



DIGESTATE contributor:

Victor Kerlow was born, raised and educated in Manhattan and still lives there, drawing full-time. Clients include The New Yorker, The New York Times, Fantagraphics, MTV, IFC Films, Random House, The Believer, Bloomberg, J Walter Thompson, The National Polytechnic Institute of Mexico City and many more. He also draws the weekly illustrations for The Metro Diary in The New York Times, and has a few exciting projects coming out soon, but not soon enough to mention right now, so please Google him frequently. Like every ten minutes.

Editor's note: Victor is one of the most unassuming guys I've ever met considering his immense talent. He's one of those guys who's just always drawing, and I'm glad his talent is being both recognized and rewarded (did you see that client list up there?!). 

I'm especially impressed by the way his written words integrate into his drawings. I think a lot of cartoonists forget that the written word is a form of drawing and should be treated as such (im my opinion). There's nothing more jarring to me than a computer font paired with an obviously hand-drawn image. 

He is also unafraid to wear some of the sorriest looking promotional baseball caps I've ever seen. And he hangs out with undercover cops, so be careful. 


Slaughterhouse comic finished!

I've finally finished my 25 page comic for the DIGESTATE anthology. It's a total bummer!


DIGESTATE anthology!

It's official. We will be releasing the DIGESTATE food & eating themed anthology at this year's Small Press Expo in September. I will be spotlighting each of the artists on this blog in the following weeks leading up to publication. See a list of confirmed contributors (there are a few that may be added in at the last minute) by clicking on the image above.

We'll be doing a Kickstarter campaign to raise the money for printing, so please check back for details.

P.S. The Taco Head guy on this image was drawn by the indomitable Victor Kerlow, esq.