It's on!

Okay, so international playboy Victor Kerlow and myself will once again be sharing a table at the MoCCA indie-comic fest this year. Hopefully we will NOT be sharing any communicable diseases this year (last time I accept an offer to "take a pull" from his Rockstar Pink energy drink for ladies).

Sadly, me and Sophia Wiedeman didn't get our application for SPX in in time to get a table. BUT my local neighborhood comic buddy Jonathan Baylis has been kind enough to offer to share his half-table with me. I'm not sure how I'll fit everything on 1/4 table, but I'm more than willing to go vertical.

I'm moving full-steam-ahead on the third issue of 'Losers Weepers'. Just finished inking the whole thing, and now I'm starting the tedious task of coloring and laying it out. Here's a peek at the cover (uplifting as always!!)...


Sticky Fingers on Cupcake Wars!

My buddy Doron Petersan who founded Sticky Fingers Bakery in D.C. will be competing on Food Network's "Cupcake Wars" tonight! We dirty vegans sometimes get tired of defending vegan desserts, so it's always nice when our peeps reap mainstream accolades (did I mention that Sticky Fingers is all vegan?). Sticky Fingers keeps winning all kinds of awards, and another vegan chef won a previous episode of Cupcake Wars, so I have no doubt Doron will bring home the gold.

Way back in the late '90s I designed Sticky Fingers' logo, the mischevious raccoon bandit. They've recently expanded into a restaurant and rebranded themselves as "Sticky Fingers Sweets & Eats". Sadly (for me), the old logo didn't fit the new streamlined look, but it had a good decade-plus run so I can't complain. Anyway, be sure to tune in and send good mojo Doron's way!

UPDATE: Doron won the $10,000 and the chance serve 1,000 vegan cupcakes at the IceHouse Comedy Club's 50th anniversary party. I believe this kind of exposure is invaluable as "vegan outreach" in that people with no experience with vegan food may realize that it's not all about sacrifice and asceticism once they taste well made food.

As a bonus (to us, anyway), Doron was wearing a piece of my wife's jewelry (Anomaly Jewelry) and they briefly flashed my old logo!