Typhon Haiyan (Yolanda) relief benefit!

Rina Ayuyang of YAM Books put together a bunch of ebay auctions to help out survivors of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. There is tons of great original art & comics, including a lot of six books from us at Birdcage Bottom Books.

The auction ends soon, so please go bid now!





From here on out, Birdcage Bottom Books will be publishing Jamie Vayda's "LOUD COMIX". Jamie is insane, so he wanted to put out a new 32 page issue each month. We were able to subdue him with tranquilizers and with gentle brain-washing methods involving a harmonium and free vegan food, got him to chill the f**k out and agree to a new issue every two months. 

LOUD COMIX is a collection of stories authored by members of various rock bands & music enthusiasts (with an emphasis on southern punk luminaries). The first issue features stories by Sonny Joe Harlan (Murder Junkies, Shitcan Dirtbag, The Sonny Joe Harlan Band), Frankie Nowhere (The Chumps, Eastside Suicides, Faster Disasters, Flash Boys), Erika Lane (DISAPpointed PARents, Early Graves, KILLZALL, The Stovebolts) and Alan King (Hellstomper, Polecat Boogie Revival, The Beer Drinking Christians). 

Also, Losers Weepers #1 is back in print (3rd printing). Hopefully the pink cover will offset the depressing nature of this first issue. 

In Losers Weepers #1, J.T. Yost has found a novel way to show off the bizarre and seemingly unrelated detritus he has scavenged from the streets by incorporating found letters, notes and journals directly into an ongoing comic narrative. In issue #1, a newly sober homeless heroin addict relapses after bumping into an ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend. 

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