Shout-out: Josh Burggraf

DIGESTATE contributor:

Josh Burggraf has never lived far from the sea.  He has been drawing for money since 2006 and has been making comics for the world since 2009. 
Josh has worked previously with many of the Digestate contributors on anthology books such as SupertalkRabid RabbitSuspect Device,Catch Up and the upcoming book FUTURE SHOCK, to be released at MOCCA.  FUTURE SHOCK is a part sci/fi, part psychedelia book, 44 pages, color, edited and printed by Burggraf.  Its gonna feature comics from Anuj Shrestha, William Cardini,Pat Auliso, a comic written by Anuj, Sungyoon Choi and Josh, AND a comic by Victor Kerlow and Josh.

Look for Josh at this year's MOCCA, He'll be tabling with Sungyoon Choi and will without a doubt be loitering near JT Yost and Victor Kerlow's table.  He expects to have a new T shirt for sale, his comic Kid Space Heater, copies of the Coelacanth album Josh did the cover for, Maybe some prints(?) and of course, FUTURE SHOCK.

If you cant catch him in the real world, look for more on joshburggraf.com, which will soon be updated to streamline all of his myriad of blogs and sites.

 Editor's note: My theory about Josh is that his parents left Michael Jackson's "Black or White" video playing at all times during his developmental years, and only allowed him to wear 3-D glasses while watching/absorbing it. His artwork is never quiet or static, the colors are usually blaring and characters are in a constant state of rubbery flux. I'm also told he has beautiful eyes. 

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