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Sophia Wiedeman is a comic artist who lives, draws, toils, and does all sorts of other things in New York City.  Her work has been featured in TimeOut New YorkLMagazine, Top Shelf 2.0, gUrl.com, The Daily Cross Hatch, and RabidRabbit amongst other awesome and amazing anthologies and publications. 

Drawing from "The Lettuce Girl"

She is the author of the Xeric Award winning The Deformitory as well as her current series of fairy-tale imbued minis, The Lettuce Girl.  She spends her days working in publishing and her evenings preoccupied with monsters, braids, nibs, ink, towers, paper, and pondering the way a thick turtleneck folds over.  
Heart Monster!

You can check out her work on her website, sophiadraws.com, her blog,sophiadrawscomics.blogspot.com and her tumblr, sophiadraws.tumblr.com. You can also see her personally at comics festivals all around the place, including this fall at SPX in Bethesda, and The Projects in Portland, OR.  

Sample Illustration
Editor's note: I met Sophia through a friend of mine, Eric Collins, and because we both received a Xeric grant in the same cycle. Her Xeric comic, The Deformitory, is stunningly sad, adorable, funny and poignant all in one package. But, I have to say, her latest ongoing series, The Lettuce Girl, is even better. We are usually table buddies at SPX and King Con, where she also sells panties and onesies featuring that adorable little Heart Monster dude up there. Did I just say 'adorable' twice in one paragraph? I guess I did.

Sample pages from "The Lettuce Girl"

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