R.I.P. Michael Jackson

I remember vividly when the "Thriller" video first aired (all 14 minutes of it!) in '83. I watched it in my mom's room and was blown away by how awesome it was. I thought the album cover with Michael cuddling a baby tiger was a little weird (I had no idea what was coming!), but there was no denying the power of the music.

Yes, he got progressively more bizarre, but considering his childhood it's not all that surprising. Regardless, his work with Jackson 5 and albums from the eighties were undeniably amazing. A lady in the laundromat and I were wondering what would become of his kids this morning. I'm sure they're well provided for. I just hope they come out of all this somewhat emotionally stable.

Speaking of kids, Karen took the gender test this morning, and it indicated a boy. I don't think she believes the test (and it could be skewed due to her own hormone imbalance). I'll be happy with either sex, but I've warned K that a baby boy would skew the household to a male majority (including our cat & dog), meaning I can leave the toilet seat up.

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