Ducks On The Pond

In an effort to be completely out of my element (i.e., anything requiring physical dexterity), I'm sort of art-directing a book on weird baseball phrases. It's been a lot of work, but fun to be in contact with a lot of great artists whose work I love. We finally got all of the illustrations for the proposal in, so now I'm just waiting to see if a publisher is interested.

I did a cover piece that I may have posted a while back for the phrase "Ducks on the Pond" (also the title of the book). It ended up looking like a childrens book cover, so I redid it (still looks like a childrens book cover, but that's my style!). In an effort to relieve the tedium of posting reviews of the Old Man WInter comic, I present to you, Ducks On The Pond:

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