The Extreme Baby

This is a quick little drawing I did for a friend's baby shower.

The baby water-skiing with his umbilical cord is actually an old theme with me. I taught art at a summer camp in the Adirondacks one year, and the camp would have all of the teacher/counselors create a plaque of some sort to hang on the wall to commemorate that year. This way, campers could see the great history of the camp by looking at this wall. So, one of the themes of my teaching that year was recycling trash into something new and useful (it was a wealthy community that apparently didn't instill this mentality into their kids). So, for my plaque I fashioned a bunch of garbage I'd picked up around the camp into a baby waterskiing by holding onto its umbilical cord.

I'm told that this was the first plaque in all of their history that did not make it onto the wall.

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