Interview in Pulse

Wow, how boring is it that I just keep posting reviews? Well...here's an INTERVIEW to break things up!

Just kidding. I mean, not really...you can read the interview with Jennifer Contino of Pulse by clicking here.

I just finished a major project, so I'll have time to post (possibly) more interesting stuff in the coming week. For starters, Karen bought some new-fangled tester thingy that tells you the sex of your baby way earlier than the hospital will (we're not supposed to find out for another three weeks). It's around 85% accurate. I made her wait until tomorrow to pee on the stick because I had to work at Utrecht today. So, tune in tomorrow for whether we'll be calling HIM "Cosby" or HER "Cosby". Actually, I'm probably the only one who will call him/her "Cosby".

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