Guys! I just had to share something funny that just happened that has nothing to do with the upcoming DIGESTATE food & eating themed comic anthology we're publishing in September.

What was I saying? Oh yeah...so, this guy buys one of my Snoop shirts and asks if he can pick it up to save on paying shipping. While picking it up he tells me that he's going to wear it to meet Snoop Dogg himself at a friend's wedding in L.A.! Also worth mentioning: written into the contract for Snoop to perform at this dude's wedding is that he must smoke a (redacted) with the wedding party! Nuts!

Snoop shirt

I hastily grabbed another shirt and my two Snoop comics for the guy to give to The Doggfather. I don't expect anything to come of it, but I couldn't pass up the chance to get them into his mitts.

Tales of Good Ol' Snoop Doggy Dogg comic
It's Dream Time, Snoop Doggy Dogg comic

Since this is a Snoop themed entry, here's a comic I drew in about an hour for Benn Ray of Atomic Books' "Mutant Funnies" mini comic (they were given away on Free Comic Book Day). Not exactly LOL material, but hey, I haven't had a full night's sleep in over two years.

Click to make bigger, duh.

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