DIGESTATE Kickstarter campaign is aLIVE!

Alright, folks.
This is do or die for me. I've been working my butt off (along with over 50 contributing artists) to put together a huge collection of food & eating themed comics called "DIGESTATE". I can't afford to publish it without a little help, so I've put together a Kickstarter campaign to fund the base cost of printing.    It'll cost a lot more than what I'm asking, but I don't want to get greedy since Kickstarter is all or nothing!

Anyhow, please check out the campaign here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/birdcagebottombooks/digestate-a-food-and-eating-themed-comic-anthology

There's a video and sample pages, along with a contributor list. Actually, here's the contributor list, just to pique your interest:

  • Darryl Ayo
  • Josh Bayer
  • Jonathan Baylis
  • Marc Bell
  • Marek Bennett
  • Berkeley Breathed
  • Neil Brideau
  • Box Brown
  • Jeffrey Brown
  • Josh Burggraf
  • C. M. Butzer
  • Kevin Cannon
  • William Cardini 
  • Cha
  • Sungyoon Choi
  • J.T. Dockery
  • Nate Doyle
  • Renee French
  • Nicole J. Georges
  • Ayun Halliday
  • Danny Hellman
  • Sam Henderson
  • Adam Hines
  • Paul Hoppe
  • K. Thor Jensen
  • Victor Kerlow
  • John Kerschbaum
  • Keith Knight
  • James Kochalka
  • Hawk Krall
  • Minty Lewis
  • Jonas Madden-Connor
  • Aaron Mew
  • Pranas T. Naujokaitis
  • Hazel Reed Newlevant
  • L. Nichols
  • Al Ortiz
  • Tod C. Parkhill
  • Dan Piraro
  • Liz Prince
  • Brian Ralph
  • Alex Robinson
  • Jungyeon Roh
  • Jess Ruliffson
  • Anuj Shrestha
  • Ben Snakepit
  • Aron Nels Steinke
  • Jeremy Tinder
  • James Turek
  • Noah Van Sciver
  • Sophia Wiedeman
  • J.T. Yost
  • Jeff Zwirek

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