Dolla Dolla Billz at MoCCA 2012

Fairly accurate in representing our respective profits. Note the self-destructing t-shirt display. 
Another MoCCA fest under my belt (no wonder my pants no longer fit). As always, it was a privilege and a pleasure to share a table with Mr. Victor Kerlow, and to be flanked by my Rabid Rabbit peeps Josh Burggraf, Sungyoon Choi & Eric Watkins.

I tried to keep my spending to a minimum, but I did pick up a few comics: Josh Bayer's amazing anthology "Suspect Device", Rich Tommaso's "Pete & Miriam" and Box Brown's "The Survivalist" among others. Also got my contributor copies of Rabid Rabbit #14, which is unsurprisingly fantastic.

Anyhow, gotta get back to work!

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