Shout-out: Jess Ruliffson


Jess Ruliffson is a Brooklyn-based comics artist hailing from the Gulf Coast of Mississippi. She is currently working on a comic book based on interviews with veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars. To see more of her work visit her blog (http://callingthedog.blogspot.com) and website (www.jessruliffson.com).

Page from "Love Letter" in Rabid Rabbit #14 

Editor's note: I met Jess at MoCCA a few years ago through Victor Kerlow. Besides being an incredibly nice person, she's profoundly talented. I'm so jealous of her brushwork. It reminds me of Craig Thompson in its seeming looseness through total control (if that makes sense). She's also very gregarious (another quality I'm jealous of!) which will undoubtedly allow her to get great material for her upcoming comic based on interviews with war veterans. 

Sample page from Status Quo Ante Bellum


Sample page from "Tattoo Story" in Status Quo Ante Bellum #2

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