Shout-out: J.T. Dockery


J.T. Dockery, a native Kentuckian, currently resides in White River Junction, Vermont.  He is the cartoonist behind the art book meets graphic novel, In Tongues Illustrated, as well as collaborating on the work-in-progress, Spud Crazy, with infamous music journalist and novelist, Nick Tosches.  As a musician, he is most well known for his band the Smacks! and performing on the final studio album ("Night Life") of Hasil Adkins.  His work has been exhibited in many art shows internationally and has appeared in various anthologies of comics.  He is currently working on several projects, including the forthcoming three volume series, "J.T. Dockery's Despair."

From "In Tongues Illustrated"
Also, here's an interview of Dockery (focused on his "In Tongues Illustrated" book) by Bob Levin for The Comics Journal:

Sketchbook drawing

Editor's note: Although I've yet to meet J.T. Dockery, I'm fairly certain we'd get along well. Besides being ashamed enough of our given names as to use initials, we seem to have a shared taste in music. Judging from photos found on the World Wide Web while searching for an artist photo, he likes Bill Monroe (enough to visit his grave, anyhow), Tom Waits (my all-time favorite/desert island pick) and played with Hasil Adkins (says so right up there in the bio blurb!). 

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