Shout-out: Neil Brideau


Raised and Educated in the smaller cities of Western and Central New York State, Neil Brideau surrounds his life with minicomics.  He writes and draws stories of friendship, usually disguised as tales of supernatural calamities befalling children, his latest is the ongoing minicomic series The Plot.  

Cover of "The Plot #1" mini-comic

Sample page from "The Plot" mini comic

During the day, Neil works at Quimby's Bookstore, a premier retail store specializing in zines and minicomics.  Neil is also a founding organizer of the Chicago Zine Festand the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo.

His webcomic Sock-Monster was collected by Short Pants Press in the now out-of-print book, In Anticipation of Hugs, and his kids' minicomics What is This? and Write Now! were first distributed by UncleEnvelope.  Neil has been vegan for nine years, and lives in Chicago, where he plays in the band James P.B. Duffy, and roots for the flat-track roller derby team, the Chicago Outfit.

Sample from "Sock-Monster" webcomic

Check out more of his artwork here:

Editor's note: I've only just met Neil in person at MoCCA last month, but he seems like an affable fellow/chap. He works at quite possibly my favorite comic shop, Quimby's. I've never actually been there, but they consistently order comics from me, always pay on time and their logo was designed by Chris Ware. What more could you want? 

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