Shout-out: Danny Hellman


Danny Hellman has been making art for publication since 1988, and has worked for a wide variety of clients, including TIME,  THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, The WASHINGTON POST, The VILLAGE VOICE, NEW YORK PRESS, GUITAR WORLD, REVOLVER, The ONION, SCREW, and countless others. Hellman lives in Brooklyn, NY with his wife and daughter.

Editor's note: Man, Danny Hellman is one prolific dude, especially considering how meticulous his drawings are. There were just too many amazing illustrations to whittle it down to three or four, so here's a whole mess of them. I highly recommend visiting his websites for many many many more. 

I've always been impressed with Hellman's illustrations that seemed to blanket every alternative newspaper I picked up when I first moved to NYC in 2001. I finally met him by recognizing him (from self-portrait drawings and portrait drawings from other artists) outside of a pizza place across from the King Con comics festival in Brooklyn a couple of years ago. Rather than saying hi and walking away to eat his pizza in peace, he was nice enough to shoot the shit for a surprisingly long time. 

Anyhow, I'm glad he's contributing to Digestate, and I'm blown away by his generosity. He's contributing multiple copies of his three gorgeous silk-screen prints as well as copies of the Typhon, Vol.1 full-color anthology that he edited. Great stuff!

"Ronald McDonald" illustration for The Onion A.V. Club's "INVENTORY" book, 2009
Cover for "Screw Magazine" #1425, 1996

"The Ramones" illustration for The Onion A.V. Club's "INVENTORY" book, 2009

"Ronald Reagan in Hell" for Screw Magazine, 2004

"Dead Poker Dogs" for The Village Voice, 2008

"Four Lincolns" from Chicago Magazine, 2005

"Lincoln Pardon" from New York Press, 2001

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    Not like, "He's a genius!" or "I remember SCREW!" or "Hey, that POKER DOGS is a double rip-off!" or "Lincoln deserves better!" or COOP SHOULD SUE! or
    "Does he have a book?" or "how meticulous" or "When I gro up I want to be Danny Hellman" or "Does he like Mayonaise?" or "Hellmen, he's the Best!"
    or "I don't know what my profile is... can I comment?"

    Great Art lover, but I'll take anything I can get...