Shout Out: Adam Kidder

I've been intending on adding a links list to highlight some of my wonderfully talented buddies (& non-buddies) out there, but the sheer number makes the prospect somewhat intimidating. So, I think I'll just do individual shout-out posts every so often and add a link simultaneously.

The premier shout-out goes to Mr. Adam Kidder, illustrator & comic-drawer extraordinaire. Being the crotchety old man I now am I'm no longer excited about going to parties, but when I see Adam there I know I'll be sufficiently entertained. I am sad to say that I don't have too many art-friends close at hand anymore to talk shop with anymore, so I enjoy the chance to occasionally nerd out with him. As for his work, definitely check it out. I'm jealous of how animated his characters are (although it was suggested to me recently that the subject matter I gravitate toward in my own comics should be less animated) and of his ability to create non-cheesy caricatures of famous people.


  1. ha...i like that james brown drawing.

  2. yo yost,
    you probably know of this already, but if not: http://artbattlefield.soup.io/