Shout Out: Karen Yost

This may be just a little bit biased, but my next shout-out (really it should have been the first, but I didn't want to appear THAT biased!) goes out to the best artist in the world: Karen Yost (Anomaly Jewelry). We first met at an illustrator's conference, but she has since (wisely) turned her attention to making jewelry. I say "wisely" not because she wasn't exceptionally talented, but because trying to make a living from illustration is a pain in the ass.

I usually don't really notice jewelry unless it's either incredibly tacky or incredibly large. Anomaly Jewelry, however, is like tiny interesting sculpture. She mostly makes tiny intricately detailed sculptures in wax, and then has them cast in silver or gold. They're visually rich and often funny or clever while being simultaneously beautiful. That's hard to pull off!

Since we both feel the same way about blogs (disgusted), we decided that if we both have one for business purposes, then neither of us could think less of the other. So, with that inviting introduction, her Anomaly blog is here. She will be posting sales and new jewelry lines on it, so keep checking back in!

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