New Logo courtesy of the great Michael Lassiter

My day was going pretty poorly. I had a major battle with Kinkos (Fed Ex-Kinko's, or whatever they're calling themselves today) this morning. I used to love Kinkos...the ones in Austin and Richmond were absolutely wonderful, and I even made some good friends there. The one in my neighborhood here in the East Village is hell on earth. They always mess up. Always.

Anyhow, I was pissed off at wasting several days worth of time with nothing to show for it when I came home to this little beauty. A logo designed by my buddy (see previous Shout-Out post) Michael Lassiter. He knocked this out in a weekend, and it's so perfect in every way.

It's eye catching, well designed, has bird-like elements without being literal and is somehow adorable. It's so much better than my butts n' boobs logo (it was supposed to be three Bs stacked up to make an ornamental birdcage, but it looks more...vulgar than intended). Thanks, Sassafras!!