Shout Out: Michael Lassiter

I'm not giving this next shout-out to Michael Lassiter for being one of the few people to actually read this blog (as evidenced by his frequent comment postings), but for his incredible talent for graphic design. Now, I certainly don't claim to be an expert on graphic design. In fact, it's definitely one of my weaker points in my own work. That said, I know what I like and I like Mike. His stuff is clean, succinct and all about functionality. He's not trying to wow you with fireworks, he's imparting the knowledge you need in a pleasing package.

I first met Lassiter in Austin, TX at an animal welfare protest of some sort (fur?). We clicked immediately. In fact, after we initially met until the time he moved away, we were rarely apart. Along with our third Muskateer, Paul Petersan, we could only assume others assumed we were a gay triage or something. Initially, we mostly hung out and played music together. It was only later that I discovered his penchant for design. Now I bug him whenever I need graphic design or typography advice.

He's won some awards & honors lately recognizing his talent, and I'm sure he'll win more. Check his work out. It doesn't disappoint.

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