Zygote Seagoat?

Karen got her first (internal) baby photo today. We each immediately drew our interpretations of the ultrasound, but hopefully the baby won't turn out to look like either options.

She's in her 9th week, and the due date is December 21st, which is the last day of Sagittarius. Both my brother and father are Capricorns, so if she's one day late or more we may be adding another sea-goat to the mix. As much as I love my brother & dad, the descriptions of Capricorns sound like Alex P. Keaton from 'Family Ties'...hardworking, serious, conservative, humorless, prone to depression, etc., so we're kinda hoping for Sagittarius for the kid's sake!

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  1. awwwww, that embryo has your eyes.
    also, it's not twins!