Review in I Love Rob Liefeld

A new review of Old Man Winter & Other Sordid Tales on the I Love Rob Liefeld blog(click link to read it).

I did worry about the legibility of the title on my cover illustration, but ultimately I wanted the old man in a dirty hectic city setting, so graffiti seemed the natural choice for typography.

I'm making progress on the Snoop Dogg themed mini (just finished inking the third page out of the six I have sketched out so far. The first three two-page comics will depict three different dreams I've had guest-starring Snoop Doggy Dogg. The other comic will probably be something less whimsical to balance things out. I've been constructing the story in my mind each night (which makes it harder to fall asleep!) using some actual experiences from when I was a teenager. I'm hoping to work on telling a subtle yet compelling story with a focus on character development.

Karen's got some pretty horrifying morning/noon/night sickness from the fava-bean sized foetus we like to call "LuLi" ("Lulu" if it's a girl, "Eli" if it's a boy), so I've taken on all dishwashing, cooking and errand running duties. This hasn't left a whole lot of time for drawing, but I'm doing my best. Speaking of, what am I doing wasting my precious time?

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  1. I suppose I, too, wondered about your choice of color for the book. But I have no problem with the graffiti-inspired lettering... I like how its "youthfulness" contrasts with the old man.