The Yost Family vs. Creepy Babies

My old pal/ex-bandmate Marty Key works at a record store and snapped up this gem for me. I love not only the stylishness of the Yost ladies, but the clumsiness of the graphic design. Can't wait to get my turntable unpacked to give it a listen. It appears to be some down-home gospel music from the song titles and photo of "Evangelist Jack Yost" on the back cover.

In other news, I've finished my second painting in the "creepy baby" series. I don't mean to imply that either my neice or my good friend Matt's baby are in themselves creepy. It's just that baby portraits ALWAYS look a bit disturbing to me. That's my own cross to bear, I suppose.

Now I've been commissioned to paint three more kids' portraits. Since they're not offspring of my friend or family, I hope they don't come out creepy as well! I much prefer painting animals, to tell the truth.


  1. that's a beautiful record cover. the thrift stores down here in Savannah are absolutely stuffed with b-grade gospel albums by coiffed white families hoping to break into the gospel bigtime. seems like it was the first DIY scene.

    as for the creepy baby thing, apologize NOT! you're part of a rich tradition. what about all those creepy early renaissance babies--the Madonnas and the creepy baby jesuses that looked like creepy little men? and what about velzquez' super creepy children. you're in fantastic company.

  2. Actually, all jokes aside - that's an excellent portrait. Beautiful, in fact. It's not your fault... babies, real or on canvas are "creepy". Perhaps it is that they are in a pre-formed stage, and could become a J Dommer or a Mother Theresa? :)