Review in Eye On Comics

Don MacPherson of Eye On Comics (the dapper fellow pictured here) gave a very kind and in-depth review of "Old Man Winter & Other Sordid Tales" (click on the link to read it). I'm not just saying this because he gave me a good review, but I really appreciate how closely he read my stories. He picked up on some subtleties that some have missed and was able to find merit in some of the stories that weren't necessarily in line with his own beliefs (I actually care more about whether a non-vegan/vegetarian gets something from my more "activist-leaning" comics than a vegan/vegetarian).

My great hope and greater purpose behind making the majority of my comics is that I'll be able to get a message out to an audience that might not be inclined to pick up literature or books about factory-farms, vivisection, etc. I don't expect someone to make a huge lifestyle change from reading a comic, but I do want to plant a seed in their brain. It could inspire them to seek information, or it could just add another layer to what they've already learned elsewhere. Believe it or not, a "Bloom County" comic strip in the newspaper was the seed that got me thinking. I credit that strip for my decision to abstain from meat and, soon after, all animal products almost 20 years ago!

Who says comics are mindless entertainment?

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