The Ass Kicker

I'm doing a weird little drawing for a realtor's roadside billboard (He says he got the idea from the movie "I Love You Man"). He wants a guy kicking himself in the ass. After kind of working out the logistics of it, the client requested that the character be more buff, but adding musculature proved difficult. Obviously one's joints don't bend backwards to allow one to kick one's own ass, so those limbs have to be rubbery to allow for a proper ass kicking.

Once I got a little closer to what he wanted, it was time for a wardrobe change. He requested jeans and sneakers, so here you are. Now I've just got to work a few little kinks out, redraw the skunk better, ink it and paint it. I'll post the finished piece when it's done.

In other news, we're moving into our new place in Brooklyn officially on Tuesday. I brought a vanload of stuff over on Monday and had a few friends and Karen help do another on Tuesday. In the process I've pulled some muscles in my lower back. I've been walking around all gimpy and scrunched over all day. I hope I can get everything packed by Tuesday despite the throbbing pain!

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