Les Chiens Pathetique

The Halloween Dog Parade at Tompkins Square Park was out of control. Each year it grows exponentially. When I was trying to get past the gatekeeper to get to my "post" (I stand right by the gate opening and hand out my promo cards to every person that walks in...they probably think I'm giving them official registration business) people were basically rioting to get in. One older lady was literally yelling at the gatekeeper to let her in even though the event hadn't started yet. When I was allowed in, she became even more visibly and audibly enraged.

This snapshot doesn't do justice to my favorite entry to the contest. There was even a little stereo playing old-timey barrelhouse music. Karen pointed out that the main attraction had a raging boner.

That morning I got to catch up with an old high-school friend of mine, the honorable Chad Wiener. In high school he was in a punk band called "The Midget Farmers", had a giant tattoo on the side of his head (keep in mind that this was in the early 1990s) and wore a kilt every day. Now he has a PhD in philosophy and is a respected teacher.

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