The Holy Yost welcomes all primates!

I've always hated the word "blog", and it's prevented me from starting one. I am also a luddite, but it's a hurdle I've had to overcome in the name of making a living. So, welcome me to 1998 or whenever it was when people started to blog. I like to stay a good ten years behind technology, so I'm actually right on time. My wife forced me to have a cell phone about two years ago, and now here I am blogging. Sigh.

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  1. I too have a blog space as a vehicle for my writing but I haven't posted anything yet. It makes me feel dirty, self-important and pretentious. But apparently it's essential for self-promotion, so hat's off to you for entering the 21st century. As soon as I post something you can link to my blog (blech--the only thing worse than saying "blog" is saying "my blog").