Shout-out: Lisa Rosalie Eisenberg


Lisa Rosalie Eisenberg is a cartoonist and educator living in Portland, Oregon.  She teaches comics workshops and classes to youth in schools throughout the Portland area.  (If you ask nicely, she will share the latest in cool teen slang with you, but she promises to sound very un-cool in the telling).  

Lisa's work has been published in the anthologies Bird Hurdler, Runner Runner, Papercutter, Bearfight!, and TheStrumpet.  She is illustrating a script by Jonathan Baylis for Digestate, and that story will also appear in Jonathan's series So...Buttons.  

Lisa self-publishes the comic series I Cut My Hair, a combination of autobiographical, fiction, and historical fiction comics stories.  A new page is published weekly at ICutMyHairComics.com, and the zine version of I Cut My Hair can be purchased through sparkplugcomicbooks.com.  

Lisa can also be found on the social media platforms Twitter: @lisa_rosalie and Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Lisa.Rosalie.Eisenberg.Comics.Illustration

Editor's note: Lisa Rosalie Eisenberg was the only artist I didn't personally choose/harass to be in the Digestate anthology (she drew the comic written by Jonathan Baylis), but I'm really glad that Jonathan selected her. There must be something in the water up there in Portland, OR. There's just so many great cartoonists coming out of that city! If I weren't a sun junkie, I'd try to convince my wife to move there. 

Anyhow, I highly recommend checking out her auto-bio and experimental comics posted every Monday on her site!

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