Shout-out: William Cardini


William Cardini is currently serializing his psychedelic sf graphic novel Vortex in self-published minicomics. His comic have published in the Image Comics tribute anthology RUBTHE BLOOD, the 3D comic MathFiction, the newsprint anthologies SmokeSignal and SecretPrison, and on the online sites for ArthurMagazine and Squidface& the Meddler.

Editor's note: I can't claim to understand William Cardini's work, but it's fun & compelling enough that I don't have to. Obviously his comics deal in science fiction, but there's a humor to them that is absent in most sci-fi that I've read. Maybe if I'd done more drugs as a kid I'd be better equipped to comment at length, but as it stands I'll just recommend picking up some issues of Vortex!

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