Shout-out: Nate Doyle


Artist (on left) photo shamelessly stolen from Nate Beaty's flickr page.

Nate Doyle is the cartoonist responsible for the mini comic series Crooked Teeth Comics and several other self published titles. Most recently he has contributed to the anthology Suspect Device #2 and is currently plodding away on Crooked Teeth #6 and various other projects. Look for him in the pit, on the floor or hurling himself off of something at a show near you...

Editor's note: I can't remember if I met Nate at Forbidden Planet (where he used to work) or at a comic convention, but I suppose it doesn't matter either way. Whichever locale, I picked up a copy of his 'Crooked Teeth' series and was duly impressed. Each issue collects shortish works that range in tone and subject. Sometimes you get autobio, but more often it's a fictional story. 

Punk music and drinking beer tend to worm their way into most of the comics, as I suspect they do into Nate's actual life. Whenever I run into him at conventions, he reminds me of guys I hung out with when I was younger. Now that I'm an old man with a kid, I'm more inclined to advise him to stay out of the pit and protect his drawing hand (he's gotten busted up a few times recently). 

There's a dark undertone and texture to his work that I find very compelling, but there's also a sweetness that occasionally shines through. The look of his work can also range from scratchy brushwork to clean linework within the same issue. The man is dichotomous, is what I'm trying to say.