Ridiculous photo reference

In celebration of the very recent birth of my pal Jeremy Broomfield's baby, I present to you a very questionable tribute:

I usually set up a camera on a timer and shoot myself for reference photos, but occasionally the situation calls for an outside model. Sometimes I'll coerce a co-worker at Utrecht into posing with promises of homemade cookies or something. BUT, if Jeremy is around (he lives in Arizona these days) he is not only willing but positively amped to lend a hand.

This panel called for a birds-eye view of Brazilian police inspecting a crime scene, so I climbed a tree and photographed Jeremy as both the two dead bodies and all of the surrounding policemen.

Cobbled together, the reference photo itself is pretty hilarious, but it certainly served its purpose.

Multiple personality disorder

Dead guys

Thanks again, Jeremy (and his wife Bridget, who probably did most of the work in delivering their baby and who is also game to model when a female is needed)!

This is a page from my upcoming contribution to Hic & Hoc's "Unsolved Mysteries" anthology, btw.


  1. W00t! I'm always so proud to be a part of your work! Even if it means I get kicked in the face by a hog.

  2. This is awesome, I love the final drawing, too.