Van Heusen

This has nothing to do with comics and everything to do with pure unadulterated awesomeness.

I went to see my old pals (really, they're old - pushing 40!) Van Heusen, the best Van Halen tribute band I've had the honor to witness. Half of them live in Virginia and half here in NYC, so they don't play too often anymore. In fact, I think the last time they played a show was at my wedding in 2007.

Much like the real Diamond Dave (fun fact: Dave Pollack, the dude who is David Lee Roth in Van Heusen owns a bar named 'The Diamond'), Pollack had a bit of trouble landing some of his leaps-into-splits from the top of amps these days. I saw David Lee Roth play in 2001, and they killed the lights just after he'd land a split, presumably so stage hands could drag him backstage and rub him down with Ben Gay. Anyhow, back to Van Heusen: A mid-air wardrobe malfunction, however, gave the ladies what they wanted. By the end of the show, Caselli/Eddie Van Halen wasn't the only one shredding. The afore-mentioned ladies (and a few gents) made mince-meat of Dave's net shirt.

But what of the music? It was as close to prime-era Van Halen ('78 - '84) as you can get today. I did a lot of ironic dad-type dancing, which I now realize is no longer ironic since I am actually a dad. My legs were sore the next day.

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  1. thanks for making us feel like rock stars dude. was awesome to see you there. hey!...I think only my first jump got screwed up!