I'm on Top Shelf 2.0!!!

I consider it a badge of honor/feather in my cap to be chosen to be featured on the Top Shelf 2.0 website. If you are unfamiliar (tsk tsk), they throw up new comics by, uh, top shelf comic artists every few days for your reading/viewing enjoyment. These are stories in their entirety rather than just previews. Sometimes they'll split the comic into sections, as they've done with mine. You can see the first installment from "It's Dream Time, Snoop Doggy Dogg!" by clicking here. Since the homepage is constantly updated with new comics, I've provided a link to my bio page. Just scroll to the bottom and click on the icon for the comic.

If you like what you see, won't you please help a guy out and buy the actual print comic at www.BirdcageBottomBooks.com? It's only five bucks, for chrissakes! You can show it to your grandkids and tell them that you used to have to turn pages before webcomics took over the world.

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