Thailand comic journal

Loyal turncoats,

Sorry I have had radio silence for a while. I'm nearing the end of penciling the new chapter of "Losers Weepers", and I'm also working on a new three page comic for the upcoming "Supertalk 2" anthology. Plus, I'm readying the files for the new "Snakepit" book. All three will be available on April 10th at MoCCA here in NYC (or you can order them from www.birdcagebottombooks.com).

In the meantime, here's a couple of diary comics I drew in cars and planes on our honeymoon trip to Thailand. I kept a non-comic journal as well, and I've scanned it all in to send to a friend who is visiting Thailand soon. If any of you share my enthusiasm for monkeys, veganism and elephants and are planning a trip to Thailand, holler at me and I'll send you the journal so you'll have some good info (including how to order vegan meals in Thai!).

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