Tummy Time!

In an effort to ensure Lulu's future as a female body-builder, I insist on a regiment of at LEAST five minutes daily of Tummy Time. She doesn't like it, but I can see improvement in her neck muscles. In fact, just a week ago she didn't even appear to have a neck. Now she can get all sorts of nasty stuff festering in there!

Not to be outdone, Pony decided to show her how it's done. Look how far he can lift his head up!

Thanks to the good ol' Volkmars for the pink blanket (that so nicely offsets Pony's lustrous brown coat) and all the other great presents.

In comics news, I am very very slowly progressing on "Losers Weepers #2". I'm sometimes able to sketch out a panel in between diaper changes and whatnot. So far I've got about seven pages penciled in.


  1. We in the biz call that "neck cheese"

  2. Wes get's what appears to be a Ren and Stimpy close up in the deep neck folds. Scary at first, then adorable!