Reviews in Comics And...Other Imaginary Tales & Poopsheet Foundation

We just got back from our last child-free vacation, and there was a few nice reviews waiting for me. The first is a review of "Old Man Winter" by Jim Martin & Lee (don't know his last name) of Comics And...Other Imaginary Tales blog (click here to read it). Their focus seems to be more toward superhero comics rather than indie (although Lee does like slice-of-life comics). I always like to get an outsiders perspective, and I'm glad that they both seemed to enjoy my comics.

The other review was for my "Tales of Good Ol' Snoop Doggy Dogg" mini comic. I didn't send these out for review since sending out review copies of "Old Man Winter" nearly bankrupted me, but I did send one to Poopsheet Foundation since they specialize in minis. Robert Newsome gave it a great review, so thanks Robert (click here to read it) !

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