Review in Arborcide

This has to be my favorite introduction to a review of my "Old Man Winter" comic yet:

"I was torn about whether or not to write about this title, as I always am with Xeric books. I find myself habitually weary of kicking up-and-comers in the proverbial unsuspecting balls, particular since I'm afraid they'll hold a grudge and seek revenge for any slighting I may dish out on them."

That sounds like a warm up to a bad review, but the review by "Mister V" on his Arborcides blog is actually quite flattering. He doesn't like the bleak didactic nature of the animal-welfare themed stories (he's not alone in that!), but he's very complimentary about the artwork. I assume he would probably enjoy my Snoop Dogg mini since it is light-hearted and has no morality tales.

Anyhow, you can read the review for yourself if you'd like (click here to read it).

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