Casual Elvira / Sexless Baby

Here's a quick drawing I did for a friend's birthday. She often dresses up as "casual" versions of notoriously done-up celebrities for Halloween. Elvira & Jackie O. are two examples that come to mind.

I'm also including a photo of Elvira without make-up because it blew my mind.

Today's appointment with the baby doctor was a disappointment. We thought they were gonna tell us if our kid was a boy or a girl, but all they did was draw blood to check if my Jew blood is tainted (Karen and I are both Ashkenazi Jews, which can cause some problems genetically). Karen begged her to do a quick ultrasound (wasn't on the menu) and guess at its sex. Only after emphasizing repeatedly that she should not be held accountable should she be incorrect did she take a look. Her best guess is a girl (or a very sad little man). We'll find out for sure on August 3rd, though.

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