Saint Goblin's

I just got a message from an old client, David Buscher, that he's re-starting his business St. Goblin (graphic design). I did a logo for him based on his boston terrier, Goblin. After checking in on his website, I realized (although he may have told me before...I am getting old and forgetful) that he has forever marred his flesh with my logo. I am simultaneously honored and concerned. Actually, my wifey has a tattoo tribute to our dog, so I guess I'm just honored, not concerned.

David also runs Bluehouse Furniture & Cafe in Baltimore. It's an eco-friendly furniture store (on-line, too), so go shopping and support the guy! He had to close his flagship store recently thanks to this crappy economy, but I'm glad to report that his second (new) store is still alive and well.


  1. I guess I'm concerned that you used the word "wifey". The mere utterance of that word, or "hubby" makes me ill.

  2. But, Nate Dogg uses the term "wifey".