Shout Out: David Wang's Trippy Amps, Receivers, etc.

It's time for another shout-out. This one goes out to one of my many (many!) talented former roommates. David Wang builds breathtakingly beautiful audio equipment (amplifiers, receivers, cd players, mp3 players, etc.).

He often uses vacuum tubes, which besides amplifying electrical signals also provide the nice aesthetic touch of a warm glow. He engineers each piece to be simple in its function and look. I commissioned both a receiver and cd player which stack on top of one another to save space. I find myself staring at them even when they're not in use.

I've attached a few sample photos here, but you can see more at the Trippy Amplification website. David can probably build just about anything you request because, unlike me, he is incredibly mechanically inclined.


  1. oh snap! i remember these! i must get one.

  2. I'm not sure. I bought mine quite a while ago. But David is a reasonable man. I'm sure if you let him know how much (little) you can afford, he'll work with you.