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Jeff Zwirek's comics work includes Jack Rabbit, Black Star, Pinstriped Bloodbath, and Burning Building Comix. He has received a nomination for an Ignatz award, and his comics have been named "Notable Comics" multiple times by the Best American Comics anthology. He lives and works in Chicago, with his wife and two sons.

Editor's note: Mr. Zwirek is one of the few people who can keep me from being last in an alphabetical listing. He also knows how to create a striking mini comic. So much so, in fact, that I always bring copies of his 'Burning Building' series and 'Pinstriped Bloodbath' anthology along as examples of superb presentation whenever I sit in as a guest lecturer at C.M. Butzer's 'Creating Independent Comics' class at SVA. 

'Burning Buildings' features ten independent stories linked together by the fact that they all take place in an apartment building that has caught fire. The stories each center around the inhabitants of each floor of the building, with the fire creeping slowly upwards. Each issue contains two stories (in both senses of the word), and each issue is meant to be placed atop the last to form the entire building. Plus, each issue has a hand-burned drawing glued inside!

Jeff recently got funding to produce the series into a full-color book, so I can't wait to see how he tackles the logistics of translating it from separate minis into a single piece. 

Front cover of "Burning Building Comix'

Page 8 from 'Burning Building'

Page 14 from 'Burning Building'
'Pinstriped Bloodbath' is a fantastic anthology of true-crime comics featuring artists all from Chicago. Arguably the best part of the anthology is it's cover: a wraparound silk-screened suit that "unbuttons" to reveal the comic inside. The crowning touch is a hand-splattered splash of blood (red ink) on each issue. That Ivan Brunetti illustrated belly-band ain't bad, either!

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