Please help!

Althought I don't know Tom Hart personally, we've been corresponding as of the last few days regarding a comic anthology I'm putting together. Through his work and the few emails we've exchanged, I've gleaned that he's as warm and personable as he is talented. 

Cartoonists Tom Hart (Hutch Owen) and Leela Corman (Queen’s Day) have experienced a terrible, devastating loss with the unexpected death of their young daughter, Rosalie Lightning. Vineylandcreator Lauren Weinstein has set up a memorial fund via PayPal to help Hart and Corman in their time of need. Please consider giving if you have the time and financial ability to do so. Weinstein also says that anyone seeking information on where to send condolences should email rosalielightningmemorial@gmail.com.

As the father of a girl almost the same age as Rosalie, I can only imagine what Tom and Leela are going through right now. Let's all give what we can so that they have one less thing to worry about. 

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