Paul Hoppe & Man-Belly Touching (no relation)

Little Lulu and I just got back from seeing Rabid Rabbit compadre Paul Hoppe read his new children's book ('The Woods') at Book Court in our old neighborhood. The reading fell right during Lulu's usual nap time, so I was impressed that she neither nodded off nor wailed during the event. She did scream 'MORE!!' a few times because I'd bought her a bagel with tofu-veggie spread that she enjoys smearing across her face in what I'm guessing is an anti-Al Jolsen performance piece. Anyhow, the book is great, so pick one up at a bookstore or buy it online or send your money to Paul by carrier pigeon.
In absolutely unrelated news, my longtime fellow employee/friend at Utrecht, Jen, threw a surprise party for her manfriend/my not-as-longtime fellow employee/friend Billy. She asked a bunch of us to paint something for him on a 5x5 wooden panel. I only had a couple of hours to paint mine, but I think it came out pretty well regardless. I'll leave it to you to deduce the meaning. I was impressed by the other panels. Who would've guessed that a bunch of artists would be working at an art supply store?!

I also got to break in my new cupcake carrier. I bought it in anticipation of bringing vegan cupcakes to Lulu's friend's birthday parties and such (let's just hope she has friends). It's basically a muffin pan with another tier that is covered with a snap on plastic cover with a handle. I got a few shout outs on the bus up to Harlem.

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