Drawing for Brian Heater

Here's a little drawing I did in honor of Brian Heater's 30th birthday. In addition to co-piloting the excellent comics review site The Daily Cross Hatch, he organizes & facilitates discussions and panels at various indie-comic festivals. 

 Before he was sucked into the vortex of artist-wrangling you'd see him hob-nobbing with festival vendors & attendees at a leisurely pace. At the last MoCCA fest I only briefly glimpsed him once above ground (the panels are held downstairs) frantically searching for something or other. So, I've imagined him as a naked mole-rat making a brief foray above ground. 

I've included a photo of a mole rat just in case you're unfamiliar with them (P.S. This comparison is in no way intended to comment on Brian's physique or pallor!).

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