Reviews on Pop Damage & Book Loons

Joe Babinsack gave another stellar in-depth review of Losers Weepers issues #1 and #2 (not that he'd reviewed them before...he reviewed some of my other comics) on Pop Damage.

Also, there's a short not-so-in-depth (but positive, nonetheless) review of Old Man Winter by Ricki Marking-Camuto for Book Loons.

Still hard at work on my celebrity dream comics...finished inking Arnold Schwartzenegger, and I've inked three pages of a new Snoop dream.

Lulu Mae can now wave hello/goodbye, but she does it like she's holding a gun. Must be the influence of living in Brooklyn. It's like, "hey, I acknowledge you, but keep your distance please". She also takes literal baby steps if we hold on to her hands.

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