Losers Weepers #2 is here!

I can't believe I've finally finished it! I just got the pages and covers of "Losers Weepers #2" back from the printer. I'll be assembling and trimming them over the next couple of days, and they'll be ready for MoCCA this weekend.

They're available for pre-order on the Birdcage Bottom Books website. Here's a little synopsis for you:

This mini-comic continues the fictional narrative thread woven around real life found letters, notes & journals. In the first issue, a newly sober homeless heroin addict relapses after bumping into an ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend. Social anxiety causes him to act out and murder another drifter in a fit of rage. This second issue focuses on how the death affects the family of the murdered vagrant.


  1. hey J.T! It was nice to meet you at Mocca! I just finished the Snoop Dogg one and I was really pumped to see I wasn't the only one getting pressured to steal candy at the Magik Mart. I love the Steely Dan too! Awesome! Thanks again!

  2. Likewise! Your artwork is beautiful (I just checked out your blog n' website). For the record, I really do hate Steely Dan. And, although that comic was fictional, there were definitely autobiographical aspects (yes, I stole from Magik Market).